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[절대연대측정] Absolute chronology of Gosan-ri-type pottery, the oldest manufactured pottery in Korea 

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Gosan-ri-type pottery (GSTP) is a unique plant-fiber-tempered pottery from Korea and has only been found in Early Neolithic sites on Jeju Island. In this study, we conducted radiocarbon dating for one GSTP sample and ten charcoal samples collected from archaeological structures in which GSTP was found, in 2012. The measurement conditions, the internal quality assurance test, and the reliability test indicate that each radiocarbon date is very reliable. However, the radiocarbon dates of the charcoal samples were more accurate than that of the GSTP sample due to contamination from younger humic acids. From the summary of all radiocarbon dates of charcoal samples using the KDE model, we finally conclude that GSTP was manufactured and utilized throughout the period 9,610-9,490 cal. BP (7,670-7,550 BC) with 95.4% confidence level. This age corroborates the inference that GSTP is the oldest known Korean Neolithic pottery.